Monday, 24 April 2017

Saad's Halal Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA - Sameer's Eats [Halal Food/Restaurant Review]

Sameer takes a drive down to the city of "Brotherly Love" to visit a restaurant named after his Creative Director, Saad (just kidding!). "Saad's Halal Restaurant" is the most popular Halal Restaurant in the Philadelphia area. The owner, Saad gives us a snapshot of how he began his restaurant and takes us through the process of making two of his famous sandwiches, the chicken maroosh and of course the Philly cheesesteak! Find out why Saad's restaurant is so successful even when he closes down for a month out of the year! Sameer invites a special guest from Islamic Relief to join him in his feast ! 

Sameer's Eats brings you the latest on halal eateries. The majority of restaurants Sameer visits are "Zabiha-Halal" restaurants. This means if Sameer is eating meat then he has inquired if the restaurant serves meat that is slaughtered and prepared according to Islamic Laws (and prepared using halal ingredients). Sameer does not in any way guarantee the meat is Zabihah-Halal, he does his best to ask and inquire if it is. This video is one of the many episodes where Sameer & his crew will be on the road filming, eating & reviewing halal food and restaurants across North America.