Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Famous Ketoprak in Jakarta!

 Ketoprak is one of the most famous Indonesian street food dishes in Jakarta, and it’s available throughout the city, often from street food carts. In this video, I went to one of the most famous restaurants in all of Jakarta, known as Ketoprak Ciragil, for a taste of their legendary ketoprak. I arrived quite early, way before any meal rush, and the semi-indoor restaurant was already packed with customers, especially people grabbing takeaway ketoprak to deliver to customers. After navigating my way in, I saw them adding fried tofu, noodles, and a mix of other ingredients, and then mixing in their special peanut sauce, and finally finishing the ketoprak with a fried egg all on top, and a handful of crackers.
The ketoprak was a little sweet, but it was still remarkably delicious. It was such a simple mixture of ingredients, but they all went so well together. What really made the ketoprak at Ketoprak Ciragil for me was the fried egg on top, mixed with the peanut sauce. Along with one of the best versions of ketoprak in Jakarta, the restaurant is also just a pretty cool place to go and hang out for a light meal or snack.