Monday, 6 November 2017

Bizarre Foods - Senegal


Chez Amy takes Dakar’s multi-cultural influence to an inspiring level.

The French colonization of Vietnam, Lebanon and Senegal left a
definitive stamp on Senegalese cuisine. At Chez Amy, you can experience a
confluence of the country’s colonial influences in one amazing bite.
The hole-in-the-wall food stand near Dakar’s Castor Market sells a few
of Senegal’s favorite street foods, fataya and nem. Fataya
are a Lebanese empanada-like snack, popularized when France gained
control of Lebanon after World War I, spurring immigration to Senegal. Nem are crispy fried spring rolls that arrived with refugees from Vietnam in the 1970s. The fataya
we tried at Chez Amy, stuffed with a spring roll filling of beef and
noodles, were like exploring Senegal’s food history in one bite. When
eating your way through Dakar, put this stand at the top of your list
for a mid-afternoon snack and a taste of this city’s ubiquitous
multi-cultural influences.