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How to Get Cheap Hotels - Great Mid Range Hotels At Reasonable Prices in Singapore and Malaysia

There is a good range of hotels in Singapore and Malaysia. You can find the upscale 5 star hotels to the very low end 1 star type of hotels. There are also plenty of mid range budget hotels, that have very acceptable quality. These types of accommodations are the best, as they provide you with exceptional quality, but at very reasonable prices. Most of the time when you are traveling you won't be staying much in the hotel, so why bother paying such high prices for the hotel? The most important factor is that the hotel is clean, decent, and comfortable enough to have a good nights rest. Here are some useful online resources in finding these mid range hotels in Singapore and Malaysia.
Hotels dot com ( provides a good listing of hotel prices in the world, including Singapore and Malaysia. Many times you will find awesome deals for even some of the 4 to 5 star hotels in Singapore and Malaysia. Usually there will be last minute deals, and seasonal promotions, so you will need to check back frequently to catch these offers.
Hotel81 is Singapore's largest chain of quality budget hotels. They are usually around the 100 S$ (Singapore dollar) per night range, and are very decent and clean inside. In some of the newer Hotel81 branches, they are well equipped with LCD television and wireless Internet connection. Also you will find most of the Hotel81 branches in Singapore are located in the main downtown areas near the various points of interest.
Tune Hotels
Tune Hotels, is one of Malaysia's best hotel chains, which is owned by Air Asia, one of South East Asia's largest budget airline companies. Their slogan describes it best: "5 star beds at 1 star prices". It is an innovative approach where you just purchase the base price for the room, and add on any additional items needed on top of it to save costs for both the customer and hotel. So for example, all you need to do is pay the base price for the room, and then you can top up additional items such as air conditioning, towels and other toiletries, and wireless Internet connection. This way you can control what items you need, and therefore you can control the price. The rooms itself are very clean and very modern.
By carefully keeping a look out for offers and deals you can find very cheap rates on very decent and clean hotels. By using some of these resources, this can help you to easily save significant amounts of money for your next hotel stay in Singapore and Malaysia.
Alec Chan is a travel writer, intrepid traveler, and food enthusiast, who is very passionate about traveling.
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Sunday, 30 December 2018

How To Get The Cheapest Airplane Tickets in Asia - Cheap and Good Quality Flights

Traveling within Asia is a very dynamic and interesting journey. There are so many countries to see and experience in Asia. Therefore, if you plan on visiting Asia for a tour, then it is best to know how to get the cheapest airline tickets in Asia. Because of the huge market in Asia, there is a large market for low cost budget airlines. These budget airline carriers are in a constant price war.
Therefore, by taking advantage of these budget airline companies, you will save a huge amount of money on your travels in Asia. The more money you save on your plane tickets, the more you can spend your money on other things on your vacation! Here are a few of the most popular budget airlines in Asia.
Air Asia
Air Asia is headquartered in Malaysia, and it is probably the biggest budget airline company in the Southeast Asia Region. Its flagship air terminal is located in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. They offer numerous flights within the region, to places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. They also now expanded their routes, to long haul flights to places such as Australia, and even to England!
Tiger Airways
Tiger Airways is one of the main competitors to Air Asia. They are affiliated with Singapore Airlines. They offer similar routes as Air Asia, with the exception of long haul flights. They also have flight routes from certain cities in China to Singapore. Their prices often can be found lower than Air Asia, however the interior of the plane is slightly older. Either way, the prices offered are quite competitive, and therefore you cannot rule them out as an option.
Jetstar Asia
Jetstar Asia is a raising competitor in the budget airline industry in Asia. Jetstar Asia is affiliated with Quantas Airways. Their focus is mainly the Asia Pacific Region, including countries in South East Asia, to Australia, China, and Japan. Their airplane's are quite well equipped and new, therefore travelling with Jetstar Asia is very good value for money.
There are definitely more budget airlines in Asia that were not mentioned in this article. However, the three mentioned here are the most reliable and popular ones. You can search up their names in Google to visit their websites, and just simply select the destinations you wish to go to compare the prices. These are just one of the many simple strategies on how to get the cheapest airplane tickets in Asia.
Alec Chan is a travel writer who has travelled all around Asia for the past 8 years, and has developed powerful strategies on how to get value for money in all his travel destinations. He constantly delivers informative, accurate, and insightful travel information through his travel blog
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These strategies have saved him hundreds of dollars in each of his travels and it can do the same for you.
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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Cheap International Airline Tickets Guide: Don't Worry - International Airfare Is Not Expensive

Is your schedule pretty flexible? Hopefully it is, since it will be much easier for you to find cheap international airline tickets. Since prices can change on a day-to-day basis, you will be less likely to be stuck paying a lot of money if you don't have to leave on a specific date. If you do have to leave on a specific date, don't worry - you still might be able to find a decent deal.
If you're not yet ready to book, you might want to track airfare prices through online tracking services. There are also apps you can download on your phone that will keep you up to date on the prices for your ideal route(s). Tracking prices can be very helpful as it is an indicator of what kind of budget you will need.
If the airfare for your desired route just won't drop low enough for you, there are always alternative routes and airports to consider. The world is so connected that it isn't necessary to travel a direct route. Check into connected flights. It won't hurt to have a layover or two. Or, if you travel to a continent that has an excellent rail system, like continental Europe or Asia, you can simply fly to one city and take a train to your intended destination.
In most destinations, it is easier to find cheap international airline tickets during the winter months. This is true even for colder countries. Since kids are out of school during the summer, it's the time when most families go on vacations. Fall is also an affordable season to travel, although cheap airfare isn't as easy to obtain as it is during winter months.
Some Ways to Get Cheap International Airline Tickets
One way to get modest savings is to purchase the ticket with a foreign currency. To do this, you will have to keep up with the exchange rates and book using another country's currency instead of your own. Also, make sure your card issuer will allow you to make purchases with another currency.
If you are traveling to Europe, consider budget airlines. There are smaller airlines that offer travel between North America and Europe - it's not just the big ones. A few examples of budget airlines serving European cities include Air Lingus, CityJet, Blue Air, Condor, Vueling, Norwegian, and RyanAir. When doing shopping and comparison at travel discount sites, play around with the dates and times a bit until you find a deal you like.
If you keep these factors in mind, and plan to be flexible with your travel dates, you should be able to obtain cheap international airline tickets.
You probably already know that you can find great deals on airfare, car rentals, hotels, etc. online. But do you know how much? You can really save a ton if you use special online coupon codes. Get started with your search for cheap international airline tickets today, and use an internet coupon.
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Friday, 28 December 2018

Thai Air Asia Offers Flights To Chiang Mai

Trends are changing globally and tourists are preferring to go off the beaten path, take on new destinations where there is more originality and less commercialism resulted by tourist arrivals.
The recent move of Thai Air Asia, has turned Chiang Mai into its newest hub as the airline officially inaugurated its third hub in Thailand earlier this week. Thai Air Asia already offers flight to Phuket, where it has its second hub and the first in capital City Bangkok.
Thai Air Asia is the continent's largest low-cost airline and uses Airbus A320 to serve three destinations within the continent that includes Flights to Bangkok, Hat Yai and Flights to Singapore. At this occasion, Tassapon Bijleveld, CEO of Thai AirAsia (TAA) stated:
"We see Chiang Mai emerging as an attractive destination for tourists, and we want to contribute to make Thailand's northern capital even more attractive thanks to our low-fare structure,"
In very recent past, some internationally reputed and notable airline have stopped their flights to Chain Mai, the names include Thai Airways, Tiger Airways and Malaysia Airlines. These airlines have hardly any success in offering flights to Chiang Mai. However, considering the changing trends that can be seen and counted in terms of number and collected as facts and figures, as more people are reserving flights directly to beach destinations, without stopping over in the capital cities and away from commercialism, there are very bright chances for Thai Air Asia to make its place as the only flights to Northern Thailand.
The country has recently see increase in number of flights to Puce, that arrive without stopping over in Bangkok (only connection flights to Bangkok ) while flights from and to other cities and Islands in Thailand are gaining more popularity.
Travelhouseuk offers cheap flights, holidays and hotels world wide.Travelhouseuk offers cheap flights to Bangkok from all major Uk airports.
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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Maui Vacation Packages Information - What Kind of Hotel Accommodation and Activities to Consider?

Whether or not you've ever been before, Maui is always a great place to visit. You'll want to spend time on this island the next time you go to Hawaii. Don't allow price to be a concern, as there are always ways to save on Maui vacation packages. Off-season tends to run around February to May (excluding holidays) and from September to early December. You can always fly straight to Maui's Kahului Airport or one of the other several airports in the Hawaiian Islands. Flights from one island to the next are usually inexpensive.
You won't have to worry much about entertainment and dining since there are always cheap and free things to do. If you're the adventurous type, there is always hiking, cycling, swimming, exploring caves at Waianapanapa State Park, etc. You can also enjoy some bird and whale watching. If you're more of the artsy type, you can visit art galleries, head to Lavender Farm, take a tour of the Maui Brewing Company, and get free ukulele lessons at Lahaina Cannery Mall.
As for ground transportation, some Maui vacation packages include car rentals. If you don't want to rent a car, the bus fare is very inexpensive. The price of a monthly bus pass is about the same as the average daily cost of a car rental. The downside to taking a bus is that you're on your own if you miss the last stop of the evening. Taxis and Uber are both available. Regardless of how you get around the island, it's recommended that you take the road to Hana at least once.
Hotels You Can Get in Maui Vacation Packages
Many of the hotels in Maui are the higher-end luxury resort types. There are mid-priced hotels, but they come with fewer amenities. Make a list of the amenities you know you will absolutely need and look for hotels that offer those amenities at the very least. When comparing prices, consider amenities that you can do without. Also keep location in mind. How close will you be to the places you want to visit? Will those spots be easy to get to from a particular hotel?
Use search tools to help you build your itinerary. Experiment with the dates and times (if possible) and find out whether it would be cheaper to buy a roundtrip ticket or two one-way tickets. Some Maui vacation packages include hotel accommodation for a specific number of nights. Will you get a discount if you stay for at a minimum of three nights? Can you get an extra night for free? These are all factors to consider when comparing offers.
Use online discounts to save on Maui vacation packages, airfare, entertainment, food, and more. You can plan the perfect vacation and save money in the process by using the site's convenient search tools. Get started right now!
To find out great discounts and coupons for hotels, flights, and vacations, visit George's website:
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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Holiday Vacation Packages in the Caribbean - 6 Popular, Affordable Destinations

The Caribbean Islands offer ample opportunities for fun getaways. There are packages available for every island, many of which are tailored with a specific theme, such as a wedding, sports, or family adventure holiday. Whether you want to spend a weekend or a full two weeks in warm, gorgeous climate, here are some of the best holiday vacation packages in the Caribbean:
Montego Bay, Jamaica
There are some great, luxurious resorts in Montego Bay. There is no need to travel too far away from your hotel since all of your needs will be taken care of at just about any resort. Ocho Rios is a good alternative if you can't find your ideal package in Montego Bay. Jamaica is a pretty big island with activities and sights that appeal to everyone.
Saint George Parish, Grenada
Not only are there wonderful resorts in Saint George Parish, there are also nice apartment rentals. Be sure to check out holiday vacation packages that include entertainment, free Wi-Fi, and private pool areas. An all inclusive package might be worth looking into, especially if the price covers airfare.
This is consistently ranked as the most affordable holiday spot in the Caribbean. There is no shortage of beach resorts, spa clubs, golf resorts, and casinos. If you're interested in snorkeling or scuba diving, there are nice underwater playgrounds in Curacao. You'll definitely want to spend some time in the capital city of Willemstad, with its museums, world-class shopping, and amazing architecture.
Nassau, Bahamas
Of all of the holiday vacation packages in the Caribbean, this destination is probably the most popular for couples seeking a romantic retreat. Of course, there is much more in Nassau than just romantic resorts. It's also a nice destination for the whole family. There are food tours, kid-friendly activities, wildlife centers, shopping, and a lot more.
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
There are a variety of affordable vacation opportunities in Punta Cana: some for couples, family-friendly, all-inclusive, etc. You can also find luxury packages that don't cost as much as you might think. The area is known for its soft, sugary sand and golden beaches. Relax at your resort if you want. Or play some challenging golf at places like La Cana or Punta Espada. There are plenty of nice places to hike as well.
St. Thomas
In the spring, it is easier to find holiday vacation packages to the US Virgin Islands. St Thomas is a popular area and is often referred to as "the most cosmopolitan" of the USVI Islands. If you want to stay at one of the four-star luxury hotels, book as early as possible, as the rooms and suites go very quickly!
If you're looking for holiday vacation packages and dreaming about the perfect getaway, you can plan every step of the journey online. Discounts and promo codes on airfare, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, cruises, and more are available.
To find out great discounts and coupons for hotels, flights, and vacations, visit George's website:
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Monday, 24 December 2018

Budget Airlines - Air Asia and Cebu Pacific

Air Asia is not merely offers budget travel but additionally it assists booking hotel, tour packages, and courier and cargo services. Plus it offers enjoyment ticket and online shopping.
It commences at Changi Airport. The terminal is at the Changi airport, Terminal 1. It provides flights to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and United Kingdom.
Departure Times (Prices are for one-way trips):
Bali, Indonesia-Singapore (from 814,000 IDR, 2 ½ hours, 2-3 flights daily)
Jakarta, Indonesia-Singapore (from 1,080,000 IDR, 3hours,3-5 flights)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-Singapore (from 133 MYR, 1hour,8-9 flights daily)
Bangkok, Thailand-Singapore (from 5,460 THB, 2 hours, departs at 3-4 flights daily)
London, United Kingdom-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore (from 239 GBP, 23 hours, 2 flights daily)
Get ready to experience the lower costs for suitcases, when you super size your luggage from 15kg to 30kg in beforehand. The permitted size to bring the baggage is 15kg and any unnecessary luggages are chargeable from US$8 to $17.
To eat and Drink:
You're going to be offered mouth watering foods and drinks. Travelers can conserve up to 25% by pre reserving the meals they eat. They provide Halal, vegetarian, international and native food. It's got two online menus.
As I am talking about eating, I would like to tell you about my Pulau Perhentian trip. It was an awesome trip that I enjoyed eating, snorkelling and diving. The beach restaurants have provided me a yummy Malaysian food. We had a great time eating there with my friends. We traveled as a backpacker to that Island.
Seat Facilities:
It's got wonderful chairs services. The economy seats possess a chair pitch of 73.6 cm. Tourists who are in need of extra legroom can select to sit down on the 'hot seat' located at the front cabin or at the emergency row. The costs are going to be from $2-$11. Also please e book the tickets when using the below particulars:
Type of company: Airline
Budget level: Mid range
Costs: Bali-Singapore 814,000 IDR, KL-Singapore 133 MYR, Bangkok-Singapore
5,460 THB
Location: East, Singapore
Street address: Row No:11, Departure level 2, Singapore Changi Airport
Terminal 1
Nearest public transport: Changi Airport MRT
Opening hours: 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)
Telephone: +65 630 77688
Also I really got excited to see the hotel charges in Pulau Perhentian. It is very affordable for us. As a backpacker, we just paid the same amount what we need to pay for a dorm bed in Singapore. Also we started during the off season and all the prices are very low that we could never expect. So it is advisable to travel during the off season if you love to enjoy the low prices and less crowd.
How to get there and away:
It is advisable to consider EW train from Tanah Merah MRT station which goes in the direction of Changi Airport MRT station. It takes merely Eighteen minutes and only 2 stops away.
Cebu Pacific:
Cebu Pacific can be another budget air travel in Singapore. It offers hotel reserving and trip reserving options as well. The head quarter is Philippines. It delivers air plane travel at economical rates. It reaches at the budget terminal, Changi Airport of Singapore.
Flight time and cost for one way trip:
Cebu, Philippines-Singapore: It costs 8148 PHP for one way and yes it takes 3 and half hours travel time. It operates 8 flights every day.
Manila, Philippines-Singapore: It runs eight flights regular as well as prices will be 6,399 PHP. It's going to take around 3 hours 30 minutes travelling time.
Boracya-Manila, Philippines-Singapore: The fees will be 9,498 PHP and Cebu Pacific functions 3 to 8 flights on a regular basis. The travelling time is going to be 6 ½ hours.
Clark, Philippines-Singapore: The travelling time will likely be 4 hours also it fees around 6,399 PHP for 1 way trip. Every day 1 airline flight is going to be operated.
The permitted travel luggage to carry in this Air lines is 15 kg. If you are planning to transport extra baggage, you will have to spend the money for excess travel luggage costs. 'Go Lite Fare' is 100 PHP lesser and contains zero sign in permitting. You save up to 20%, if you ever pre-pay the luggage amount.
Food and Beverage:
Cebu Pacific will not serve free foods. Fees apply whenever you order foods in flight.
Travelers have the freedom to select their seating to be able to enjoy the services. The normal chair costs around 100PHP. Premium chairs with extra leg rooms set you back about 200 PHP. Also the tickets might be reserved on the internet using the website offered below:
Type of company: Airline
Budget level: Low budget
Costs: Manila-Singapore 6,399 PHP, Cebu-Singapore 8,148 PHP
Location: East
Street address: Budget Terminal, Changi Airport Nearest public transport: Changi Airport MRT
Opening hours:
Telephone: Manila: +63-2-70-20-888, Cebu: +63-32-230-8888
How to go to Changi Air port:
Coming from Tanah Merah MRT, take the EW train in the direction of Changi Airport MRT train station. Eighteen minutes, two stops.
Tracy Barb is a travel writer in GuideGecko. She writes articles related to the air travel, train travel and details about the tourist spots all around the globe. And finally, check the comprehensive information on Pulau Perhentian travel details.
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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Cheap Airline Tickets

When it comes to cheap airline tickets, you’ll need to consider the source. You’ll find that there are advertisements on TV, in the newspapers, online and other media advertisement. You’ll want to keep in mind that no one wants to pay the high prices, so finding the cheap airline tickets  has become almost like an art. You’ll find that there are many ways that you’ll be able to find the lower prices, but it will take some work.

The first thing that you’ll want to do is locate a travel agent that can help you. You’ll want to think about using the travel agents because you will be able to use connections through the agency to make things happen. You’ll also find that it can be just as quick and easy if you go online and do it yourself.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to compare some of the fares, but you’ll also want to look at the packages and even the tickets that you are thinking about. You’ll find that there are a lot of traveling options that will affect rather you get a reasonable price or a high price. Direct flights tend to be a lot more than if you were to have an overlay.  You may also find that there are sometimes where you just don’t have a lot of options.

It is times like these that you’ll need to change your arrival and departure dates or times in order for you to get the cheaper tickets. You’ll find that it can be inconvenience at times, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the end.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Save Money on Airline Tickets

Keep in mind that airline tickets can be very expensive. For those who are not use to purchasing airline tickets, you’ll find that the prices can vary greatly. You will want to consider some of the ways that you can save some money, but you’ll also want to think about your options. First, you’ll find that if you plan ahead, you’ll be able to get the best rates. For those who can not plan ahead, you may want to pick the crappy seats. You’ll find that if you choose the layovers, then you’ll be able to find the cheapest route to go. Keep in mind that if it sounds like it’s an inconvenient, it most likely is, but you’ll find some discounts or incentives for your trouble.

Keep in mind that some of your options are not appealing, but you’ll have to make to due. You’ll also find that once you get to your destination you will become relieved that you didn’t have to pay a lot, but now you have the money to really enjoy your vacation.

When it comes to booking far in advance, you’ll find that it also guarantees that you have a flight, but also it gives you the best options available when it comes to fares. Basically, you have your pick of seats. The question is how much you are willing to pay for your seat. A lot of people will hold out for a cheaper ticket, but then they are put on a waiting list and hoping that someone drops out. It’s not fun to be waiting on a seat to come available.

As for going for the crappy seats, you’ll notice that it will knock some money off, but not a lot of money. It won’t greatly reduce the cost, but it will be less. If you are looking to save some money you may want to down grade in class.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Tips For Buying Airline Tickets Online

At some point, everyone buys an airline ticket. You will find that it could be for business or it could simply be because you just want to travel. You’ll find that there are many reasons why you need a ticket and there are just as many reasons why you will want to be careful when buying an airline ticket. Keep in mind that this is a simple task and you don’t have to make it harder than it is.

Thanks to the internet you will find that purchasing tickets is almost a no brainer. There are many websites that will help you to get an airline ticket and stay within your budget. You will also be able to find many of the tickets on sale or discount. You’ll find that there is some important tips when it comes to purchasing a plane ticket.

The best way for you to purchase your tickets is to know your itinerary. You will need to make sure that you know exactly when it is that you want to leave and when you need to be back. This will help you to adjust your times, but also it will give you some room. You may need to leave by 8 A.M., but if you leave at 5 A.M. you’ll save a lot of money. The information also works in the vise versa. You’ll want to look at the dates and times closely, so that you can see if you can take a cheaper flight.

As for the fees, you’ll want to have them waiting for you. It can be tiresome and a pain if you have the fees billed to you later. This way you will be able to deal with them and get them off your back. You’ll be able to stay in control.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Where To Buy Airline Tickets

Before you would have to go to the airport or deal with a travel agency to get your tickets, but today you have several options. Of course you still can go to the airport or travel agency, but you’ll find that you can place your order over the phone and even online. You’ll want to consider that these more convenient options will allow you to use your time wisely when planning for a flight. You’ll also find that you can take care of the tickets while in the comfort of your own home. It is very important that you stop and consider your options.

When it comes to buying airline tickets at the airport, you’ll find that it can be such a pain. You’ll have to wait in a line, that you don’t even know if there is a seat for you, and it can be such a waste of time if you are put on a waiting list. You could end up wasting your time wondering around the airport before you end up getting a ticket.

You will find that the hassle of going to the airport is no longer worth it. When it comes to travel agencies, you’ll find that they are not as popular as they use to be at one time, but they are still an option. You’ll find that they are more than happy to book your flight. They also can get you some of the best deals possible.  Keep in mind that they have spent time building relationships with airlines. You don’t want to overlook your options with a travel agent, because you may be overlooking good prices and opportunities.

Keep in mind that the internet is also very easy, and it is also the most popular way. There are over a thousand sites that willing to sell you an airplane ticket going anywhere. You’ll need to think about some of the online discounts that you may qualify for. Also keep in mind that tit will take some work finding the best prices.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Airline Ticket Deals To Avoid

When it comes to the free airline tickets, you have to be concerned. You will find that there are many ads that like to lure others in because they promise good, free airline tickets. You will find that some will even include your hotel room in the deal. Keep in mind that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You’ll want to consider that when it comes to a good deal, there are always strings. Keep in mind that many time-share companies will give you the deal, but you have to go to the seminars. Many people think that they will get the tickets and then just not go. However, if you don’t show up you will get your hotel canceled and you won’t get your free ticket home.  Keep in mind that this is totally legal, because it’s written in your contract.

It is very sneaky, but there is nothing illegal about it. You get free tickets while they get your undivided attention. It is the way that they get you to comply. If you really want to have the dream vacation, you’ll have to pay for it.

Also, you’ll notice that a lot of places will go on discount because of the time of year. Like you may find a good Caribbean trip for little money, but it’s during hurricane season. Of course, no one wants to go there. It’s always like a way of saying this is what you get. If you get something for free, it’s just not worth paying for.

You’ll need to be very careful when looking for cheap airline tickets and you’ll also want to save your money so that you can take the trip of your dreams in comfort.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Airline Ticket Deals

Keep in mind that airline tickets tend to be very expensive. There are some options that you may be able to take and have a good flight and deal. Keep in mind that you are going to have to do your research and figure out what exactly a good deal is and what a bad deal is. You’ll find that there are over a hundred websites that will give you a good airline deal, but you’ll find that each and every one of the offers are unique. When it comes to finding the deals, you’ll want to check into the travel agents, because they will be able to hook you up with the best deals that you may not find online.

There are some things that will affect your price and your flight. The time that your departure is one of the requirements that will come with some of your discounts. Basically, you will find that if you take a flight early in the morning it will be cheaper than if you were on a flight that is sold out. Keep in mind that there are some sites that will search for you flights according to time. You may not be able to get the desired price for the desired time that you wish to leave.

When it comes to the travel agents, you will find that they have many advantages that websites may not have. Most travel agents have been in the business for awhile now. They also have a relationship with many airlines that can offer you discount rates that you wouldn’t get from a website.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Airline Ticket Package Deals

You’ll want to consider that there are some things that you’ll need to consider when it comes to purchasing airline tickets. It never really hurts for you to look around. You’ll need to try to locate some package deals that would be a good deal, but also a great package option. You’ll find that the package deal will most likely be your airline tickets, hotel (for only one or two nights) or some discounts for some local attractions This is nice to have, because you’ll be able to enjoy some of the entertainment options, plus good lodging accommodations will also make any vacation or trip better. You’ll need to consider some of your options with the coupons or passes that are being offered.

Keep in mind that the package deals will come in all different types of options and you’ll be influenced to purchase them by many different things as well. You’ll find that each place has some of the best hotels that you can get, but there is nothing like a stay at the MGM (one of the best hotels in Nevada) when going on a Las Vegas vacation. Also, keep in mind that some of the options will also help you to pay for a family vacation. You’ll be able to find discounts on family packages (usually a family of four). Also, keep in mind that there are some group rates for the times where you need to invite everyone and anyone (destination wedding).

Keep in mind that there are some airports that really don’t mind giving these discounts, because they really don’t lose a profit on any of it. It may seem like they do, but with the discounts they are ensuring that you will use their airline for all your traveling needs.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Airline Tickets And Theme Parks

There are times where you’ll get great deals when you purchase both park tickets and parks hotel. You’ll also find that these can come in some of the best options and packages. You may want to think about Disney World or Disney Land. These parks are famous for their vacation destinations.  You will want to take some time and even search for some airline tickets with a theme park package. You may even be able to contact your travel agency and figure out if there are deals that you may be missing. There are over a hundred hotels in Florida that offer some type of accommodation to tourists and to park goers.

Some thing that you do not want to do is make a separate purchase for the hotel, airline, and park. You may be able to gain some savings when you call the park and see what they offer, but if you go online and do your research you will surely find a deal that is within your price range. You will also want to consider not being too far away from the hotel. Disney happens to be right between highways. You may think you are near, but really you are like an hour’s drive away.

Keep in mind that this type of vacation can be quite expensive. You’ll want to keep in mind that there are places where you will be able to search for less priced accommodations, but you will find that you’ll want to look at the package deals so that you can save some money here and there, but splurge on another area of the trip. For instance, if you go with the cheaper flight (that happens to leave very early in the morning) you may be able to save some money and be able to splurge later. Keep in mind that when you take flights that are in the wee hours of the night, you’ll be able to save yourself some flight money.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Airline Tickets For Vacation

You’ll find that this is just the perfect time for you to pack your family up and go somewhere with adventure. Keep in mind that the years are going by so quickly, and you need your opportunities to stay as close as a family can be during times of school and work. You’ll want to make sure that you put forth a lot of effort so that you can make an easy transition from planning the trip to taking the trip.

Keep in mind that there are many ways that you will be able to find the cheaper airline tickets, but you’ll need to keep in mind that it’s important that you do your research and planning. Allow yourself some time to plan too. You may want to start in the beginning of the year to find your plans and packages and then to finalize the information. This way you will be able to beat the vacation rush and get your tickets before they become rare. During the summer months, it can be difficult to get a good flight in and out of a destination area.

Keep in mind that vacations are not cheap at all. You’ll need to keep the tickets for your airline flight to a minimum in order for you to preserve more money for the tickets for entertainment or the hotel fees. You’ll want to make sure that you think about the date before you pick it. Make sure that there is nothing happening in the area during that time. If it is a busy time of the year, there is no ways that you’ll be able to find anything cheap.

You will also want to go during the week. When you take a weekend vacation they tend to be in more demand and therefore, more money. You’ll want to make sure that you think about these things when it comes to the hotel rooms and the park or entertainment tickets.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Resep Roti Lembut tanpa Telur,Susu,Mentega.Bisa jadi Roti Tawar & Sobek.

125 ml Air(Water)
25 g Terigu (Bread flour)

Bahan adonan:
7 gram Ragi SAF (Yeast)
250 ml air hangat (warm water )
40g Gula (sugar)
30 ml madu (Honey )
60 ml Minyak (oil)
1 sdt Sp (tsp Emulsifier )
1 sdt Garam (Salt)
waterroux mix.
600 g Terigu Pro tinggi (Bread flour)

Thursday, 6 December 2018


****bahan2 yg di tunjukkan dibawah ini adalah untuk 3 leng/cawan beras


2 Sudu Besar Makan Minyak Gee
2 Senduk Minyak Jagung
2 Biji Bawang Besar ( dihiris dan digoreng hingga layu dan kemudian
masukkan bahan bahan kisar ) serta masukkan 3 helai daun pandan (diikat)


2 Biji Bawang Besar
2 Genggam Bawang Putih
1 Genggam Bawang Kecil
1 Batang Serai
1 Ibu Jari Halia


3 Leng Beras Basmathi ( dicuci, direndam 20-30min dan ditos )
1 Batang Kayu Manis
3 Bunga Lawang
5 Biji Pelaga
5 Biji Bunga Cengkih
2 Ibu Jari Gula Batu
3/4 Tin Susu Cair
2 Genggam Jagung
3.5 Cawan Air
50sen Daun Ketumbar
Garam Secukup Rasa

****Optional- 1 Genggam Kacang Gajus, direndam seketika, pastu dikisar,
campurkan selepas masukkan susu cair.
Kalau ada anggota keluarga yg mengidap penyakit Gout atau yg Alergi dgn
kekacang, diharap jgn letakkan Kacang Gajus ini...

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


 Utk 5 Leng Beras Basmathi *5 Gayung
2 Biji Bawang Besar 3 Genggam Bawang Putih 2 Batang Serai 1 Ibu Jari Halia

2 Biji Bawang Besar
 *Dihiris 4 Helai Daun Pandan
*Diikat 5 Leng Beras Basmathi *
5 Gayung/Cawan
 1 Batang Kayu Manis
3 Bunga Lawang
5 Biji Pelaga
5 Biji Bunga Cengkih
 2 Biji Tomato
*Dipotong Dadu
 2 Ibu Jari Gula Batu
1 Tin Susu Cair Garam Secukup Rasa Air
 *Ikut Sukatan Beras Pewarna
*Dicampur Air, Rujuk Pada Video

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

VIDEO SPICE ROUTES 6 EPISODE 10- Turkish Delight Lokum,saffron

Turkish delight.Lokum

Sugar¾ cup

4 cups Cornflour

4 cups Water

1½ Tbsp Lemon juice

3 Tbsp Rose water

1 drop Food colouring, pink (optional)

70 g Pistachio nuts, shelled, chopped


Icing sugar, for coating


   1. Lightly oil a 24x30cm pan.
    2.Heat the water, but do not boil. Combine the cornflour and sugar and add to the water, stirring over low heat until the sugar dissolves. Continue to cook over very low heat, until the mixture thickens.
    3.Lower the heat even further and cook for about one hour. Stir continuously. Ten minutes before the end of cooking, add the lemon juice, rose water and food colouring if using.
   4. Remove from the heat and stir in the pistachio nuts. Pour into the pan and allow to set in a cool place. Do not refrigerate. Cut into 3cm squares. Roll in the icing sugar before serving.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Jana Pendapatan Dengan Shopee

Jana duit atau pendapatan dengan Shopee semudah ABC. Bestnya Shopee adalah PERCUMA.
Tiada yuran/ bayaran dikenakan dan merupakan model bisnes yang hampir 0 modal.

Antara sebab mengapa rakyat Malaysia gemar membeli d Shopee adalah kerana Shopee menyediakan apps mobile friendly. Kalau dulu agak sukar untuk buat belian melalui PC atau dekstop -sebab tidak ramai yang menggunakan PC / laoptop. Tetapi dengan adanya APPS untuk pengguna samrtphone, proses membeli sangat mudah dan selamat. Kita sedia maklum ,rakyat Malaysia ni antara pengguna smartphone tertinggi di dunia.
Shopee kadang-kadang ada sediakan FREE Shipping, dan ini sangat membantu pelanggan membeli tanpa dibebankan dengan kos penghantaran.

Ramai yang ambil peluang jana pendapatan melalui Shopee. Korang boleh jadi seller di Shopee semudah ABC sahaja. Korang tak perlu ada barang sendiri, sebab korang boleh guna pakai konsep dropship.
Dropship konsepnya, ambil tempahan dahulu, kemudian anda membuat tempahan kepada pembekal. Pembekal tadi akan bungkus, dan poskan ke alamat bakal pelanggan tadi. Senang bukan?
Ramai yang pakai konsep pre-order atau dropshipping ni dan meraih pendapatan yang banyak.
Ada member ni, dia buat bisnes dropshipping melalui Shopee dan 11street sahaja, tapi pendapatan boleh cecah 4-5 angka sebulan. Teknik ramai yang dah tahu, tapi ramai juga yang tidak tahu bagaimana untuk jana pendapatan melalui Shopee dengan cara yang betul 
Cuma nak share bukti yang buat duit 4 angka seminggu di shopee itu bukanlah sesuatu yang mustahil!  Semakin hari, semakin ramai yang berjaya membuktikannya!


 Resepi: Ayam Belanda Panggang
 Bahan Untuk Perap
5 batang serai tanam sendiri atau satu genggam tarragon tanam sendiri
3 biji bawang besar dikupas dan dipotong kecil
2 labu bawang putih dikupas
1 sudu besar rampah kari
1 biji tomato dipotong
3 biji cili padi (atau cili wangi)
1 sudu teh garam
1 sudu besar gula melaka
1/2 cawan air masak

Cara Menyediakan

1. Campurkan semua ramuan perap ke dalam pengisar.
2. Kisar semua ramuan sehingga lumat.
3. Sapukan separuh daripada ramuan pada kulit ayam belanda.
4. Simpan ramuan yang selebihnya di dalam peti sejuk.
5. Masukkan ayam belanda ke dalam periuk takanan tinggi.
6. Masukkan secawan air masak.
7. Tutup rapat dan panaskan menggunakan api sederhana. Teruskan memanas selama sepuluh minit selepas stim keluar.
8. Tutup api dan biarkan selama setengah jam. Asingkan air dalam periuk. Air ayam belanda akan digunakan sebagai stok.
9. Jika gunakan periuk biasa, tambahkan 2 cawan air dan panaskan selama 45 minit menggunakan api sederhana.

Apabila selesai, asingkan air ayam belanda dari isinya.

Pastikan daging ayam belanda kering dan sedia untuk disumbat. Air ayam belanda akan digunakan sebagai ramuan kuah (gravy).

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Muslim dan Makanan Halal di China

Menelusuri sejarah dan kehidupan para masyarakat muslim di salah satu kota padat penduduk di China, yaitu kota Kaifeng.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Chinese Street Food FRENZY! LAMB HEAD Soup + Organ Tour in Kashgar, China

I found a true Chinese street food bonanza in deep western China on our
great Silk Road journey west to Kashgar. Here, I tried some of the best
street food in China, and most unique too! LAMB HEAD soup, mixed organ
salads, homemade ice cream, chopped hand pulled noodles, the street food
here is some of the best street food around the world for sure! Street
food 2017 is full on!!

When we arrived in Kashgar, we wanted to try the best deep west china
specialties, except we had already been eating those classic street food
dishes for 3 weeks, so we went ever deeper to find super unique stuff.
So far on this vlog, I’ve tried and eaten the best street food in Hong
Kong, Street food in Guangzhou, Street food in Chengdu, Sichuan, and all
around China, and tackling to eat the best street food around the
world! However, as soon as I began eating the street food here in deep
western China in Kashgar, I couldn’t believe how unique and amazing the
flavors were!

1) Lamb head soup - AKA Yangtoutang (this was surprisingly delicious, apart from the lung and definitely don’t order the brain!)

2) Homemade Uighur Ice Cream - SO SWEET and delicious! -

3) Ding Ding chopped hand pulled noodles (丁丁炒面)

4) Yangzasui AKA Mixed lamb organ salad - THE BEST street food I tried in this street food video

5) Kebab heaven on the street side at night -

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Incredibly RARE Muslim Street Food in DEEP China | SILK ROAD Street Food Series!

Street Food in China and Street Food around the world is worth traveling
for! You won’t believe the street food you can try in western China, it
is unbelievably delicious! The BEST street food for sure! We made our
way deep past Kashgar to the animal market every Sunday to try out the
local uighur street food specialties, and had an amazing travel
experience eating as much as we could! Everything from Pilaf, Hand
Pulled Noodles, Kebabs, and so much more!
This is definitely one of the most unique places I’ve been for a street
food tour before. The people are so friendly too!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Chinese Street Food HEAVEN in Xi'an, China - Spinach Noodles, BEST Dumplings and MUSLIM Chinese Food

Chinese Street Food HEAVEN in Xi'an, China! Today we're going for a HUGE
Chinese Street Food Tour of Xi'an, trying a ton of amazing Street Food
in China, making spinach noodles, spicy dumplings, and MORE!

Today, I'm (Trevor James, The Food Ranger), bringing you to try 6
amazing Chinese Street Foods in Xi'an, China. Get ready for some amazing
Chinese street food on this fun street food ADVENTURE!

 Xi'an is home to some of the best street food in China - with a huge
muslim population that eats only halal food, with tons of beef and lamb,
noodles, and more, as well as a large Han Chinese population that has
it's own distinct Chinese cuisine. Each cuisine has unique recipes and
we are showing you how the cooking is done on the street!

Some of the famous Street Food in Xi'an, China is shown in this street
food vlog by myself (Trevor James, The Food Ranger).

In this Xi'an series, we're bringing you to try some of the best street
food in Xi'an.

In my opinion, Xi'an is a true street food HEAVEN. You can find tons of
Islamic Chinese halal food like SPICY lamb kebabs, biang biang noodles,
spicy and nutty liangpi jelly noodles, spinach noodles, roujiamo Chinese
pita burgers with beef or lamb, and han style roujiamo burgers made
with pork as well, along with sweet desserts with dates and ingredients
commonly found further west.

I hope that you enjoy this full street food tour of Xi'an. This is just
part 1. You're going to love the food if you visit here! Xi'an is a true
Chinese street food lovers heaven! You can eat so much, and I always
miss the city after I leave. There is just so much food to try! You have
to come here to eat!

I also really love the variety of Xi'an noodles you can try. In this
street food vlog, we sample the famous spinach noodles, but there is so
much more, like Xi'an biang biang noodles, and yangroupaomo rice noodles
with beef as well.

Here are the addresses to the restaurants in this Chinese street food
tour video of Xi'an, China:

5) Xi'an Muslim Hui Chinese Style Jianbing -
Street Stall Name: 老丁家
Street food address: 庙后街191号

4) Luzhi Liangfen (A jelly noodle covered in a mustard garlic chili
Restaurant name: 老何家卤汁凉粉
Restaurant address: 西大街287号

3) Hongmigao bing ( A deef fried pastry made of sticky rice dough and
stuffed with sweet molasses and rose)
Street food stall name: 红米糕
Street food address: Intersection of 庙后街 And 小学西巷

2) Suantang Jiaozi sweet and spicy beef dumplings:
Restaurant name: 二优质酸汤水饺
Restaurant Address: 洒金桥131号路东

1) Amazing Xi'an famous spinach noodles:
Restaurant Name: 家乡手擀菠菜面
Restaurant Address: 南长巷中段路北17号楼

This is just the beginning! Make sure to watch the whole Xi'an street
food series to enjoy even more street foods!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

SURGANYA Makanan HALAL - Muslim Street Food in XI'AN CHINA

Muslim Quarter Street merupakan pusat kuliner halal yang paling besar di
daratan China. Terletak di kota Xi'an, tempat ini tidak pernah sepi
dari pagi sampai larut malam. Banyak turis yang berdatangan dari
berbagai manca negara untuk mencicipi ragam makanan di jalan ini. Pada
kesempatan ini, Hanif ikut meliput bagaimana keseruan dan keunikan
jajanan disini. Selamat menonton. Semoga bermanfaat...

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Islamic China | BEST INSANE Hand Pulled Noodles in China!

Chinese Street Food Islam - Muslim Chinese Street Food - Street Food
I made my way to Xining, China, in search of the best Chinese street
food and halal Chinese muslim food. We tried a lot of street food and
specialty halal snacks. Xining is in the northwest of China, in Qinghai
province, close to the far west Xinjiang province. There is a large
population of Hui people, and the halal food is fantastic! There was a
lot of Chinese street food and Islam muslim Chinese cuisine. Just like
you, I love street food around the world, and I travel for food. I came
here to eat delicious street food!

 Street food in China is something I'm always looking to find more of! So
we took the long distance train from Chengdu, China and spent a day
eating and trying Chinese Muslim Hui Halal Street food non stop. Best
Street Food in China I've tasted! The Chinese food is so good in Xining!
I've eaten street food in Bejing, street food in Shanghai, street food
in Chengdu, and street food in Hong Kong, all of which has been amazing,
but I have to say that the chinese street food in Xining has been some
of the best I’ve tried, especially the Hui cuisine!

In China, you probably don’t think of Islam and Halal food/Halal street
food, but that’s exactly what you’ll find here as you go further and
further west! We made our way for a street food tour to the dusty
ancient Silk Road city of Xining, just to try the unique street food and
halal food of the Hui people! Not a lot of tourists come here, and what
we found was worth the trip alone! The hand pulled noodles were insane!
It all left me speechless!

These are the addresses for the restaurants I ate Chinese Hui Muslim
Halal Street food at in Xining, China. You can show a taxi driver these
locations or spend your time exploring behind the old mosque downtown
and explore for your own street food locations!

Muslim Chinese Street Food Tour in Islamic China | BEST Halal Food and Islam Food in China

Chinese Street Food Islam - Muslim Chinese Street Food - Street Food
I made my way to Lanzhou, in search of the best Chinese street food and
halal Chinese muslim food. I found a ton of street food and specialty
halal snacks. Lanzhou is in the northwest of China, close to the far
west Xinjiang province, and is home of the Hui people, and the food is
fantastic! There was a lot of Chinese street food and Islam muslim
Chinese cuisine. Just like you, I love street food around the world, and
I travel for food. I came here to eat!

Street food in China is something I'm always looking to find more of! So
I flew to Lanzhou, China and have been trying Chinese Muslim Hui Halal
Street food non stop. Best Street Food in China I've tasted! The Chinese
food is so good in Lanzhou! I've eaten street food in Bejing, street
food in Shanghai, street food in Chengdu, and street food in Hong Kong,
all of which has been amazing, but I have to say that the chinese street
food in Lanzhou has been some of the best!

When you think of China, you probably don't think of Islam and Halal
food, but that's exactly what you'll find in the Northwest. I made my
way for a food trip to the dusty and bustling classic Silk Road city of
Lanzhou specifically to try the unique halal food of the Hui people.
This is the side of China not many people see, and I came here to have
an authentic travel experience through food. I found a lot of food
reminiscent of countries further west, with insane amounts of lamb and
beef leaving me absolutely speechless.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Chinese Street Food in Xi'an - MUSLIM Street Food in China + INCREDIBLE Chinese Food Market (HALAL)

This is our first time in Xi'an and already the street food here is
INCREDIBLE! Xi'an street food is predominately muslim Chinese food! We
taste spicy and mouth-numbing Chinese food such as beef pancakes, thick
beef soup and more halal street food!

Besides eating in Xi'an there is lots of attractions including the Old
City Wall of Xi'an, China which we visit in this video! The food here in
Northern China is a lot different than what we are used to trying in
Taiwan, we love all the bread and spices used in this unique and UNUSUAL
Chinese food!

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Muslim Street Food in CHINA | Guangzhou HALAL Street Food Heaven - BEST Islamic Chinese Street Food

China's HALAL HEAVEN in Guangzhou - BEST Muslim Street Food

Today we visit Guangzhou's HALAL HEAVEN! The best muslim street food in
China! Chinese street food is very diverse and muslim food is one of my
favourites! We went to Lanpu Lu to check out the Friday morning muslim
market to try some delicious street foods!

We sampled all kinds of Uyghur and Hue Chinese food including : Pilaf,
Roast Lamb, Pomegranate Juice and much more! This market is PACKED with
the best street food in Guangzhou!

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

JEJAK PETUALANG | SARANG SOMASI MUARA WEDA (08/08/18) 2-3-ikan siakap hitam,Ikan ekor kuning

 Ikan Ekor Kuning (Caesionidae) adalah Ikan laut yang hidup di perairan Indo-Pasifik. Ikan ini disebut fusilier,
suli, sulih, suliri, sunin. Warna umumnya biru, kuning pada bagian
belakangnya dan perak. Jenis ini dikenal sebagai perenang cepat dan
termasuk ikan diurnal. Ikan ini sering ditemukan di luar karang (tubir
karang). Makanannya adalah zooplankton.


Ekor kuning (Caesionidae) lebih menyukai perairan hangat di wilayah Indo-Pasifik tropis. Tidak ada anggotanya yang tercatat sampai melebihi perairan subtropis, tidak pula tercatat di Atlantik atau Karibia. Dua spesies, Caesio suevica dan C. striata endemik di Laut Merah sementara agihan lokal di Samudera Hindia juga diwakilkan oleh C. xanthonota , C. varilineata , dan Pterocaesio capricornis (pantai timur Afrika). Caesio teres
dapat dianggap sebagai ekor kuning yang memiliki agihan (distribusi)
geografis terbesar; spesies ini tercatat dari pantai timur Afrika,
terutama di Pulau Palmyra
hingga Indonesia dan Filipina serta menjadi komoditas penting dari
perikanan komersial. Di Indonesia sendiri ikan ini banyak ditemui sampai
Kepulauan Maluku

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Amazing Uzbek Food in Samarkand - GIANT 21 METER Kebab Grill + Ancient Uzbekistan!

Samarkand is a monumental city of history and food that played a major
role along the Silk Road, in between China and the Mediterranean. It’s a
city of fascinating history, giant plates of plov, and incredible

Gur-e Amir Сomplex - To begin this full tour of Samarkand, we started in
the morning at Gur-e Amir Сomplex, the tomb and mausoleum of Amir
Timur, the founding father of Samarkand, responsible for building much
of the ancient remains of the city. The tomb complex from the outside is
impressive, but the inside will blow you away.

Registan - There’s no square more monumental and grand in scale than
Registan, the center of the ancient city. You’ll find madrasas and
mosques, all of which are intricately decorated and magnificent.

Siab Bazaar - A short walk from Registan is Siab Bazaar, right outside
Bibi-Khanym Mosque. At the market we stopped to have tea with one of
Bekruz’s friends and tasted some nuts and dried fruit. The apricot seeds
were new for me, and the dried apricots were spectacular.

Osh Markazi - There’s no better place to eat plov, the national dish of
Uzbekistan, when you’re in Samarkand than Osh Markazi. Samarkand plov is
notable for the rice being cooked in flax-seed oil with yellow carrots
and beef. It was one of the best meals and dishes I had in my entire
trip to Uzbekistan.
Total price - 140,000 UZS ($17.17)

Ulugh Beg Observatory - At its time of being built by Ulugh Beg, it was
one of the most advanced and important astronomy observatories in the

Domashnii Restaurant - We didn’t stay long at the observatory because
right behind it you’ll find Domashnii Restaurant, a local restaurant
that specializes in chickpeas and lamb. The dish is so comforting and
both the lamb and chickpeas melt in your mouth.
Price - 74,00 UZS ($9.08)

Ikrom Shashlik - Next we went to eat Samarkand kebabs, again some of the
best kebabs I had on my entire trip to Uzbekistan. The bull testicles
and minced meat kebabs were great, but the highlight was the skewer of
alternating thin lamb meat and fat. As I was leaving they told me their
grill was 21 meters long and the grillmaster had been grilling there for
over 20 years.
Price - 7,000 UZS ($0.86) per kebab

Shah-i-Zinda - At about 5 pm we arrived to Shah-i-Zinda, another
masterful tomb complex that includes one of the top sights of Samarkand:
the turquoise alley of tombs. The turquoise and blue mosaic will make
your jaw-drop.

Home-cooked dinner - Finally to end this incredible food and sights tour
of Samarkand we went to a family home restaurant where we enjoyed a
simple local meal in a family home courtyard. It was the perfect ending
to an incredible day in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.


(anggaran kepala ikan 1.2 kilogram)

Bahan A
Minyak - 250 mililiter (ml)
Bawang besar dihiris - 500 gram (g)
Bawang putih dicincang - 60 g
Halia diketuk 10 g
Bahan B
Halba - 10 g
Biji sawi - 10 g
Daun kari - 20 g
Bahan C
Garam masala ( lima campuran rempah) - 50 g
Serbuk cili - 20 g
Serbuk lada hitam - 20 g
Air - 80 g
Bahan D
Yogurt segar - 500 ml
Asam keping - 80 g
Bahan E
Bendi - 250 g
Terung - 250 g
Serai - 25 g
Tomato - 60 g
Bahan F
Jus lemon - 100 g
Garam - secukup rasa
Krim segar - 50 ml
Cara penyediaan
 1. Panaskan minyak. Masukkan bawang besar dan goreng hingga kuning. Kemudian tambah bawang putih dan halia ,kemudian bahan B dan goreng hingga wangi.
 2. Masukkan bahan C dan air. Kacau sedikit.
 3. Tambah sedikit air dan masukkan kepala ikan. Kacau perlahan.
 4. Tambahkan bahan D dan air. Biarkan mendidih dengan api perlahan. Kemudian tutup kuali dan tunggu ikan masak. Biarkan kuah agak pekat.
 5. Tambahkan bahan E, garam, jus lemon dan tunggu sayur lembut.
 6. Biarkan pekat dan akhir sekali letak krim segar sebelum dihidangkan.

Kedai kecil yang tidak mempunyai papan tanda ini sering dikunjungi
pelanggan terutamanya waktu tengahari. Tarikannya ialah kari kepala
ikan. Tidak sah kiranya dah sampai di Bagan Datuk, tidak mencuba sendiri
keenakan Kari Kepala Ikan Manaf.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Majalah 3 (2013) | Episod 44 (S3)-Cangkerang Hokkaido,scallop,kekapis,ikan salmon bertelur,

Filet Ikan Salmon Dengan Sos Lemon Dan Mentega


Bahan-bahan diperlukan:

  • Bahan untuk sos lemon dan mentega
  • 1sudu makan mentega (butter)
  • 1 sudu teh tepung jagung
  • 150ml susu segar
  • 1/2 biji lemon (diperah jusnya dan diketepikan)
  • Sedikit garam
  • Bahan untuk filet ikan salmon
  • 1 keping filet ikan salmon (kira-kira 200 gram), boleh juga digantikan dengan stik ikan salmon dengan berat yang sama
  • 2 sudu makan lada hitam, ditumbuk halus
  • Sedikit garam
  • Sedikit mentega (butter)
  • Bahan untuk pelengkap hidangan
  • 1/2 biji tomato (dipotong 3-4)
  • Sedikit brokoli, di stim
  • Sedikit potato wedges, digoreng

Cara menyediakan dan memasak:

  1. Untuk penyediaan sos:
  2. Panaskan 'sauce pan'/kuali
  3. Cairkan mentega
  4. Masukkan tepung jagung, kacau sentiasa hingga sebati
  5. Masukkan susu, kacau sentiasa hingga mendidih, padamkan api
  6. Tambahkan jus lemon yang diperah tadi dan garam, sedikit demi sedikit hingga cukup rasa mengikut keinginan anda. Pastikan dikacau sebati.
  7. Sos seharusnya berasa sedikit masam seperti lemon. Ketepikan setelah siap.
  8. Untuk penyediaan ikan salmon:
  9. Cuci filet ikan salmon dengan bersih dan keringkan menggunakan tisu dapur
  10. Sapukan permukaan filet ikan salmon dengan sedikit lada hitam dan garam.
  11. Panaskan pan, cairkan sedikit mentega.
  12. Masukkan filet ikan salmon. Panggang selama antara 3-4 minit setiap permukaan bergantung kepada ketebalan filet. Jangan diterbalikkan terlampau kerap takut salmon hancur.
  13. Hidangkan panas-panas bersama sos dan pelengkap hidangan.

Kekapis atau juga dikenali sebagai kapis, ialah moluska bivalvia dari famili Pectinidae yang hidup di perairan laut seluruh dunia dan digunakan sebagai bahan makanan. Kekapis dianggap sebagai kerang yang paling selamat untuk dimakan secara mentah. Racun, bakteria, dan virus
cenderung terkumpul di dalam tubuh kerang-kerangan dalam proses
penapisan air laut oleh cangkerang, namun pada kekapis, bahagian penapis
ini biasanya tidak dijumpai atau mengecut.

Terdapat juga jenis kekapis yang warna cangkerangnya terang dijadikan untuk gubahan seni.

Kapis merupakan siput bercengkerang lebar yang mudah diperoleh di kawasan pantai di Malaysia dan dijadikan sumber pendapatan oleh golongan nelayan.

Terdapat juga sungai yang dinamakan sungai Kapis di Negeri Sembilan.

Kekapis Goreng Sama Sayuran


400 gram isi kekapis - bersihkan

300 gram kacang koro - buang urat tepi dan potong serong

4 kuntum cendawan tiram - siat-siat

4 kuntum cendawan shiitake - rendam hingga kembang - belah 4

7 biji cili padi - buang tangkai

2 ulas bawang putih - ketuk 

1 labu bawang besar - mayang kasar

1 sudu sos tiram

1 sudu teh serbuk pati ayam

4 sudu makan minyak zaitun


1. Panaskan minyak. Tumis bawang putih, dan bawang besar.

2. Masukkan cendawan shiitake dan kacau seketika.

Masukkan kekapis, diikuti dengan kacang koro. Tutup masakan selama 1
minit untuk menghasilkan warna kacang koro yang cantik! Kemudian gaul
sebati dan apabila kekapis berubah warna sepenuhnya, masukkan cendawan
tiram bersama cili padi.

4. Perasakan dengan sos tiram & serbuk pati ayam. Kacau sekali dua dan matikan api dapur.

Kekapis Goreng Sama Sayuran

Thursday, 15 November 2018



***Bahan2 #Dibawah Untuk 1.5Kg Tetel atau Tulang Rusuk***


3 Biji Bawang Besar
3 Genggam Bawang Putih
Halia 2 Besar Ibu Jari


1.5 Kg Tetel atau Tulang Rusuk
4-5 Sudu Makan Penuh Rempah Kari Daging
1 Batang Kayu Manis
3 Bunga Lawang
5 Biji Pelaga
5 Biji Bunga Cengkih
3 Genggam Besar Asam Jawa (di ramas dgn air)
Garam Secukup Rasa
1 Kotak Santan ( saiz sedang )
500grm Kacang Dhal ( direndam kemudian direbus selama 10min )
5 Helai Daun Pandan
5 Tangkai Daun Kari
Tomato, Mangga ( citarasa masing2 )
Lobak Merah ( citarasa masing2 )
Kentang ( citarasa masing2 )
Terong ( citarasa masing2 )
Kacang Panjang ( citarasa masing2 )

Monday, 12 November 2018




2 Biji Bawang Besar
10 Ulas Bawang Putih
5-6 Ulas Bawang Kecil
15 Batang Cili Kering ( citarasa masing2)
Sedikit Halia
***Bahan2 diatas ditumis bersama 1 Biji Bawang Besar yg di hiris


Mee Kuning/ Mee Hoon/ Kway Teow (1.5 Kg)
2 Sudu Besar Penuh Serbuk Kari Daging
4 Sudu Besar Penuh Tomato Puree
2 Biji Tomato (dipotong kecil/dadu/dihis)
Daging Kari ( dihiris2)
Gula (secukup rasa)
Garam (secukup rasa)
Telor (bilangan masing2)
Udang (optiona
Daun Sop/bawang
Bawang Goreng
Sayur Sawi
Air 1.5 liter (sukatan masing2) (jangan terlalu cair)

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