Thursday, 23 August 2018

6 Top Benefits of Marjoram For Health, Skin & Hair

Marjoram is the dried leaves from an herbal plant called the Origanium hortensis. The name Marjoram is a Greek word that means "Joy of the Mountain." Ancient Greeks believed that if Marjoram grew on a grave that person would enjoy eternal happiness. The taste of Marjoram is a bit sweeter than that of Oregano. Many people believe that Marjoram is, in part, a species of Oregano. Marjoram is a pretty user friendly herb that is used quite traditionally in Italian, French, North African, Middle Eastern, and American cuisine. Marjoram compliments quite nicely sausages, various meats, fish, tomato sauces, salad dressings, breads, stuffing's, and salads.

Marjoram is a relative to the mint family. You get the most flavors from Marjoram if you use the fresh leaves rather than fried marjoram. One big difference between Oregano and Marjoram is while Oregano tends to prosper in taste the longer it simmers in a sauce or stew, marjoram is the opposite and should be added into the dish as late as possible. Although Marjoram is sweet and mild, it is also at the same time minty and has a hint of citrus. The biggest Marjoram exported in Egypt. Marjoram blends very well with Bay Leaves, pepper, and Juniper. While all vegetables can benefit from a hint of Marjoram, it seems to work best on adding and enhancing the flavor of cabbage and legumes.

Many people find a great benefit from Marjoram in aromatherapy oils. Marjoram is said to have a soothing and warming effect with a spicy and warm scent. This explains why it is so popular with those who enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy. Many times for aromatherapy oils it will be mixed with lavender, bergamot, and cedar wood. Beyond the great world of aromatherapy Marjoram has many other beneficial uses too as it is used as an analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and as a diuretic. The many uses of Marjoram include treatment for anxiety, arthritis, bronchitis, bruises, colic, constipation, digestive problems, gas, insomnia, muscle aches and pain, PMS, Rheumatism, sinusitis, and sprains.

Quite often people use Marjoram on a daily basis in various forms. Some prefer it as a tea which has been used throughout history for easing such ailments as hay fever, indigestion, sinus congestion, asthma, stomach upset, headache, dizziness, coughs, colds, and disorders associated with the nervous system. Some even use the tea as a mouthwash. One or two cups of marjoram tea per day have proven to be extremely therapeutic. Marjoram can be made into an ointment or salve by crushing the dried herbs into a paste, adding just a tiny bit of water. This is a common way to treat sprains and Rheumatism. Even still, some will mix the Marjoram into a paste and then into an oil to use for tooth pain or gum issues.

Marjoram should not be ingested internally in a medicinal or herbal form during pregnancy but can be eaten as an herb that is added to food. As you can see, Marjoram is a very essential and beneficial herb that was used in ancient times and is commonly still used today.

1. Marjoram For Snoring:

Marjoram like I mentioned before effectively prevents snoring. To use marjoram as a home remedy for sleep, sniff marjoram essential oil right before sleeping. Taking a sniff of marjoram oil is said to greatly reduce the snoring. You can also try this blend of essential oil blend to make an effective home remedy for snoring: Take around 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 10 drops of marjoram essential oil in a small glass bottle. You can either add it to essential oil vaporizer and place it in the bedroom an hour before sleeping or simply sniff it before bed.

2. Marjoram For Headache Pain Relief:

Marjoram is very useful for easing the inflammation and can be used to ease the pain of tooth infections, arthritis,  headaches and other pains. To use it for headache relief make marjoram tea by boiling the dried leaves in water till it is reduced in half and sweeten it with honey. This tea also relieves one of nervous headaches, cold and respiratory related problems. As this herb is very aromatic, a little goes a long way.

3. Marjoram For High blood Pressure:

A study conducted on the effect of marjoram for high blood pressure showed that blood pressure reduced significantly when marjoram was used. The best way to use marjoram for blood pressure is to use it as a massage oil. When using it as a massage oil, always use it with base oils and the best base oils are cold pressed unrefined oils. Use around 15 drops of marjoram oil for a cup of base oil. A good massage with this oil is the best way to De-stress and no wonder the blood pressure comes down :)

4. Marjoram for sleep:
The best way to use marjoram for sleep is by making sleep pillows. Sleep pillows are very effective and is a fun project to do at home that gives amazing results, these also make great gifts. To make the sleep pillows shade dry the marjoram till completely dry and fill it in pure cotton cloth bags preferably muslin bags as they let out the scent better. Stitch small sachets out of pure cotton for making these sleep pillows or you can even purchase it. If the herbs are dried completely, they really last a long time. You can also use the marjoram and lavender essential oil blend mentioned before too.

5. Marjoram For Skin:
Marjoram can be used to treat skin disorders very effectively. You can also make your own marjoram cream by boiling a cup of olive oil with a bunch of fresh marjoram. Once the essence has completely steeped in, melt around 2 tbsp of bees wax along with the marjoram steeped oil till the wax melts. Let it cool and your homemade marjoram skin cream is ready!  This cream can be applied for treating stiffness, sprains, etc

6. Marjoram For Hair:
Marjoram treats the infections of the scalp. Try making this hair rinse, make a hair rinse by boiling a bunch of fresh marjoram in water and use it as a hair rinse. You can also add a few drops of marjoram essential oil to make it very effective. Of course lastly my favorite use, tie garlands with marjoram and jasmine flowers for your hair to calm your senses and make you feel really good!

Marjoram For Hair