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Mahogany widely used stalks, seeds were proved very useful for health. This is because the rich mahogany seed saponins and flavonoids that support the health of the body. Blood circulation is not smooth due to clogged can be treated by taking mahogany seeds. High levels of bad cholesterol can be lowered by mahogany. Benefits mahogany seeds the other is as a pain reliever, reduces fat deposits in the blood vessels, reducing bleeding, fight free radicals, boost immunity, prevent blood clots, improve liver function, neutralize blood sugar levels, etc. Previous article, about the Black Pepper Benefits for Health and Beauty.

Mahogany Seeds for Health Benefits and side effects

Mahogany is anti-fungal and anti-pyretic (lowers the heat). The bitter fruit is also believed to reduce hypertension, restore appetite, treat fever, and improve immunity. Benefit the most from mahogany seeds are as malaria and diabetes medication. While the side effects of the use of mahogany seeds in excessive doses can lead to the formation of gallstones.

How to Eat Seeds Mahogany

1. You can eat mahogany seeds after peeling the outer skin. Of course if you hold it with bitterness.

2. Pour the powder results from mahogany seeds that have been finely ground into hot water.

3. Various mahogany seed extract is now made??. There are packaged in the form of powders, capsules, essential oils, instant powder, etc. Choose according to your tastes.

To make the powder, dry beans and then milled until smooth mahogany.

Mahogany seeds is effective for treating the following diseases

- Lack of appetite
- Hypertension
- Fever
- Eczema / Hives
- Diabetes
- Rheumatism
- Sign Wind
- Fever

Mahogany Seeds Use to treat disease

The recommended dose is half a tablespoon of powdered seeds of mahogany. You can make a mahogany seed powder by grinding.
Natural herb use Mahogany Seeds

1. Increasing appetite

Pour ½ tbsp powdered seeds of mahogany into a third cup of hot water. Then, add 1 tablespoon of honey. We recommend that you drink this concoction in warm 3 times a day.

2. Treating Diabetes

Pour half a tablespoon of powdered seeds of mahogany into a third cup of boiling water. In warm, drink this potion of water half an hour before meals. Drink the potion three times a day.

3. Lowering High Blood Pressure

Pour 8 grams of mahogany seeds in 2 cups boiling water. Wait until cool, then strain. Drink the potion in the morning and afternoon, each 1 cup. You can add honey to reduce the bitter taste.

4. Treat fever or colds:

Pour ½ tbsp mahogany seed powder into ¼ cup hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey, then drink in the warm 3 times a day.

5. Overcoming eczema and rheumatism

Pour ½ tbsp powdered mahogany seeds in ½ cup hot water. Add honey to taste, then drink warm as much as 3 times a day.

Mahogany Side Effects The use as a natural remedy

Excessive consumption of mahogany seeds can trigger the formation of cholesterol in the bile that can lead to gallstones. This is related to the presence of saponins and flavonoids in mahogany. So, at most dose is 200 mg per day.

Flavonoids contained in mahogany is effective for lowering hypertension. However, excessive use can cause the effect is not good for the body. So, you must be wise to consume these seeds. According to the herbalist, the appropriate dose in mahogany seed ingestion is one seed per day. This is if the beans are eaten directly as a natural remedy. While in extract form, you can adjust the dose.

Sky Fruit(MAHOGANY SEEDS) Health Benefits

Sky fruit benefits can be revealed by looking into the health effects of chemical substances that the fruit contains. There are at least three active ingredients of sky fruit that are known to be beneficial for the health: flavonoid, saponin and alkaloids. We will look into the health benefits of the three active ingredients below.


Flavonoid is a phenolic compound that contains many pigments of the plant. Flavonoid is beneficial for human especially because it is an antioxidant that exterminates free radicals and toxins and improves immune system. The anti-oxidizing properties of the flavonoid content of sky fruit make the fruit effective for fighting various diseases caused directly or indirectly by oxidation, such as LDL buildup, high blood pressure and heart problem. The health benefits of the flavonoid content of sky fruit are briefly explained as follows.

Flavonoid improves cardiovascular system by smoothing blood circulation, clearing blood vessels from clogging cholesterol, and preventing arteriosclerosis plague.

Flavonoid has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent tissue inflammation.

Flavonoid acts as painkiller that numbs pain caused by tissue injury.


Saponin is a glucoside that forms soapy foam when mixed with water. It is a natural soap that is derived from plants and known to have hypoglycemic properties when consumed orally. The saponin content of sky fruit thus makes this fruit a potent natural remedy for people with diabetes mellitus. Although saponin is soap, it will not cause poisonous effect to warm-blooded animals when ingested. Based on a study conducted by Smith et al from Ekiti State University, Nigeria, and published in the Journal of Drug Delivery & Therapeutics, the hypoglycemic effect of saponin is even stronger than that of generic antidiabetic drugs, especially metformin. It is thus plausible for us to conclude that using mahogany seeds for diabetes treatment is one of the best natural ways to maintain normal level of sugar in the blood.

In addition to helping diabetic people fight their diabetes, the saponin content of sky fruit also offers the following benefits.

Research published by the National Institutes of Health shows that saponin has anti-allergenic and antihistamine effects, making it a potent remedy for various allergy-related health problems, especially asthma.

Research also shows that saponin can potently overcome erectile dysfunction, especially the one related to diabetes. Experiments on rats have shown that the administration of high dose of saponin to the rats successfully increase their intracavernous pressure ratio. Many herbs that contain saponin, especially ginseng, have been consumed regularly by men to improve their masculinity.

Saponin is an effective cure for blood clotting and insomnia.


One of the greatest benefits of sky fruit seeds is that it alkalizes the body with its alkaloid content. It has been widely accepted that most illnesses occur when the pH level of the body is too low. Everything that pollutes the body, including toxins and free radicals, are acid in nature. The alkaloid content of sky fruit is thus effective for detoxifying the body and preventing oxidation and its damaging effects. The body will be healthier and fresher if it is alkalized. Alkaline environment is also a bad place for cancerous cells to grow. By consuming sky fruit regularly, the body will be more invulnerable to cancer and its immune system will significantly improve.

By looking into the health benefits of sky fruit’s active ingredients, you should be able to conclude what benefits that you can reap from regular sky fruit consumption. This explanation, however, is still limited to theoretical concept and so far, clues affirming the efficacy of sky fruit are solely based on anecdotal reports. Further researches on the fruit are needed to clarify the beneficial effects of this fruit as well as its side effects, which will be explained below.

Sky Fruit Side Effects

Due to the relative absence of conclusive research on sky fruit and its health effects, sky fruit seed side effects are currently as obscure as its benefits. There is indeed currently no consumer report telling that sky fruit causes side effects; however, based on established scientific theories, there are indeed unwanted effects that may occur if its active flavonoid ingredient is taken excessively.
Sky Fruit


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