Sunday, 21 October 2018

Central Asian Food - TEARDROP SOMSA (SAMOSA) and HUGE UZBEK DINNER in Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

On Day 2 of our food tour through Uzbekistan we were spent the day
eating our way through Tashkent, the largest and capital city. The day
before (Day 1) we were also in Tashkent, but there was still so much
more to eat.

Somsa - Uzbek somsa, or also frequently called samosa, is probably the
national snack or light meal of Uzbekistan, and of Central Asia. It’s
something that’s so common, I don’t think I went even a single day
without eating one or many when I was in Uzbekistan - the good news is
they are incredible delicious. In an area of Tashkent called Minor, I
think they make the best version, famous for their teardrop shape as
they droop down in the tandoor oven. The little pockets of dough are
filled with mutton, onions, and light spices. They are incredibly
Price - 3,000 UZS ($0.37) per piece

Mutton fry - Next Bekruz took us to one of this favorite restaurants in
Tashkent, a place located above a car wash specializing in meat, lamb of
course, and fries. You order by the kilo, and we got a kilo of lamb
fried in lamb fat, and a kilo of fries. But before the main platter
feast we ate some kebabs, which were spectacular as well.
Total price - 48,000 UZS ($5.89)

Besh Panja- 5 fingers kebab - Another interesting kebab to eat in
Uzbekistan is the 5 finger kebab because it’s prongs with 5 skewers in
the shape of a hand. It was another meat snack, and it was delicious.
Price - 44,000 UZS ($5.41)

Sheep organs donut - Since it was close by, we stopped for an Uzbek
snack of what Bekruz called a “hardcore Uzbek donut.” Again a pocket of
dough filled with a mix of chopped up organs, and deep fried. It was
tasty, especially with tomato sauce.

We then on the spur of the moment took a detour and headed out to this
meat market to sample some more lamb, chicken, pickles and potatoes.
People were extremely nice, and it was very fun.

Uzbek Choyhona - Experience an Uzbek Choyhona was one of the most
memorable meals of my entire food tour in Uzbekistan. Along with an
entire table filled with food, the main dish was an entire oxtail cooked
in its own melted fat. It was insanely good. Thank you to Baha and
Rashad for putting on the feast.

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