Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Street Food in Uzbekistan - 1,500 KG. of RICE PLOV (Pilau) + Market Tour in Tashkent!

Bread Bazaar, Tashkent - We started this ultimate street food tour at
the bread bazaar in Tashkent, a market dedicated fully to bread, with a
little fruit and other things mixed in. We bought some break, some
kaymak, and some fruit and then went to a nearby restaurant where they
laid everything on the table for us, along with tea. Uzbek breakfast was
a great way to get started.

Chorsu Bazaar - The grandest bazaar in Tashkent is Chorus Bazaar, and
it’s a perfect place to get a feel of Uzbek culture and food. We first
stopped at the food court to try hanum, a type of dumpling filled with
potato and somsa. Then we continued to the dome shaped iconic part of
the bazaar, filled with fresh meat and spices. It’s one of the coolest
market structures anywhere in the world.

Plov Center - We kind of had to rush out of Chorsu Bazaar because
although they prepare 1,500 Kilos, seriously, of rice plov per day, it
only takes 2 - 3 hours before they run out everyday. So we got there,
already one of the monster swimming pool pans was finished, but they
still had a few others going and serving. Plov is the national dish of
Uzbekistan, a food that’s eaten on every and all occasions. For Tashkent
plov, it’s pretty heavy on the meat at oil, with rice, chickpeas, and
raisins. Also it included, qazi - horsemeat sausage which is a delicacy.
It was incredibly delicious, and proper meal experience.
Total price - 100,000 UZS ($12.21)

Plov is love, remember that when you’re in Uzbekistan.

National Food Restaurant - After strolling around for a while in the
afternoon, we continued to a National Food restaurant, a laid back
family style restaurant that serves all things Uzbek food. Along with a
number of dishes, the main dish I was most interested in was the naryn,
thin slices of dough mixed with minced meat and horse. It was
interesting, and quite good, as were the other dishes.
Total price - 110,000 UZS ($13.43)

Sultan Suleyman Restaurant - For dinner we went to a bit of a fancy
trendy restaurant, and had another platter of food. This time, dough
noodle like sheets topped with meat, horse sausage again, and green
Total price - 122,000 UZS ($14.90)

It was a day of learning, eating, and meeting some amazing people along
the way. Thank you for watching this Uzbekistan food tour!


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