Friday, 30 November 2018

Chinese Street Food FRENZY! LAMB HEAD Soup + Organ Tour in Kashgar, China

I found a true Chinese street food bonanza in deep western China on our
great Silk Road journey west to Kashgar. Here, I tried some of the best
street food in China, and most unique too! LAMB HEAD soup, mixed organ
salads, homemade ice cream, chopped hand pulled noodles, the street food
here is some of the best street food around the world for sure! Street
food 2017 is full on!!

When we arrived in Kashgar, we wanted to try the best deep west china
specialties, except we had already been eating those classic street food
dishes for 3 weeks, so we went ever deeper to find super unique stuff.
So far on this vlog, I’ve tried and eaten the best street food in Hong
Kong, Street food in Guangzhou, Street food in Chengdu, Sichuan, and all
around China, and tackling to eat the best street food around the
world! However, as soon as I began eating the street food here in deep
western China in Kashgar, I couldn’t believe how unique and amazing the
flavors were!

1) Lamb head soup - AKA Yangtoutang (this was surprisingly delicious, apart from the lung and definitely don’t order the brain!)

2) Homemade Uighur Ice Cream - SO SWEET and delicious! -

3) Ding Ding chopped hand pulled noodles (丁丁炒面)

4) Yangzasui AKA Mixed lamb organ salad - THE BEST street food I tried in this street food video

5) Kebab heaven on the street side at night -


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