Friday, 2 November 2018

Dubai Food -INSANE SEAFOOD Feast and BEST Juicy BBQ Fish in the UAE!

Dubai has some of the best food in the world! If you're wondering what
to eat in Dubai, you can come here to eat the local seafood! We're going
for an amazing seafood adventure today with our friend Peyman, who's
bringing us around and showing us what true Emirati cuisine is. The
Seafood BBQ at the end was my favourite!

The UAE is home to a huge diversity of cuisine, from Indian food to
Chinese food and street food from around the world, but we came here to
try the seafood, especially the juicy bbq!

Today, we're starting bright and early to go on a local pearl diving
boat and experience the pearl diving and local seafood.

Special thanks to the Serdal Pearl Diving Expedition for showing us this
amazing seafood experience!

After this, we're making our way back to downtown dubai, right
underneath the burj khalifa and eating at a famous seafood restaurant,
sammach restaurant. Here, there was a ton of local seafood to try and
cook in a variety of different methods. My favourite was the bbq!

It was an amazing seafood tour with Peyman and an amazing experience
trying all of the traditional Emirati cuisine! The United Arab Emirates
has some amazing local food!


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