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How To Get The Cheapest Airplane Tickets in Asia - Cheap and Good Quality Flights

Traveling within Asia is a very dynamic and interesting journey. There are so many countries to see and experience in Asia. Therefore, if you plan on visiting Asia for a tour, then it is best to know how to get the cheapest airline tickets in Asia. Because of the huge market in Asia, there is a large market for low cost budget airlines. These budget airline carriers are in a constant price war.
Therefore, by taking advantage of these budget airline companies, you will save a huge amount of money on your travels in Asia. The more money you save on your plane tickets, the more you can spend your money on other things on your vacation! Here are a few of the most popular budget airlines in Asia.
Air Asia
Air Asia is headquartered in Malaysia, and it is probably the biggest budget airline company in the Southeast Asia Region. Its flagship air terminal is located in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. They offer numerous flights within the region, to places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. They also now expanded their routes, to long haul flights to places such as Australia, and even to England!
Tiger Airways
Tiger Airways is one of the main competitors to Air Asia. They are affiliated with Singapore Airlines. They offer similar routes as Air Asia, with the exception of long haul flights. They also have flight routes from certain cities in China to Singapore. Their prices often can be found lower than Air Asia, however the interior of the plane is slightly older. Either way, the prices offered are quite competitive, and therefore you cannot rule them out as an option.
Jetstar Asia
Jetstar Asia is a raising competitor in the budget airline industry in Asia. Jetstar Asia is affiliated with Quantas Airways. Their focus is mainly the Asia Pacific Region, including countries in South East Asia, to Australia, China, and Japan. Their airplane's are quite well equipped and new, therefore travelling with Jetstar Asia is very good value for money.
There are definitely more budget airlines in Asia that were not mentioned in this article. However, the three mentioned here are the most reliable and popular ones. You can search up their names in Google to visit their websites, and just simply select the destinations you wish to go to compare the prices. These are just one of the many simple strategies on how to get the cheapest airplane tickets in Asia.
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