Friday, 28 December 2018

Thai Air Asia Offers Flights To Chiang Mai

Trends are changing globally and tourists are preferring to go off the beaten path, take on new destinations where there is more originality and less commercialism resulted by tourist arrivals.
The recent move of Thai Air Asia, has turned Chiang Mai into its newest hub as the airline officially inaugurated its third hub in Thailand earlier this week. Thai Air Asia already offers flight to Phuket, where it has its second hub and the first in capital City Bangkok.
Thai Air Asia is the continent's largest low-cost airline and uses Airbus A320 to serve three destinations within the continent that includes Flights to Bangkok, Hat Yai and Flights to Singapore. At this occasion, Tassapon Bijleveld, CEO of Thai AirAsia (TAA) stated:
"We see Chiang Mai emerging as an attractive destination for tourists, and we want to contribute to make Thailand's northern capital even more attractive thanks to our low-fare structure,"
In very recent past, some internationally reputed and notable airline have stopped their flights to Chain Mai, the names include Thai Airways, Tiger Airways and Malaysia Airlines. These airlines have hardly any success in offering flights to Chiang Mai. However, considering the changing trends that can be seen and counted in terms of number and collected as facts and figures, as more people are reserving flights directly to beach destinations, without stopping over in the capital cities and away from commercialism, there are very bright chances for Thai Air Asia to make its place as the only flights to Northern Thailand.
The country has recently see increase in number of flights to Puce, that arrive without stopping over in Bangkok (only connection flights to Bangkok ) while flights from and to other cities and Islands in Thailand are gaining more popularity.
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