Tuesday, 4 December 2018

VIDEO SPICE ROUTES 6 EPISODE 10- Turkish Delight Lokum,saffron

Turkish delight.Lokum

Sugar¾ cup

4 cups Cornflour

4 cups Water

1½ Tbsp Lemon juice

3 Tbsp Rose water

1 drop Food colouring, pink (optional)

70 g Pistachio nuts, shelled, chopped


Icing sugar, for coating


   1. Lightly oil a 24x30cm pan.
    2.Heat the water, but do not boil. Combine the cornflour and sugar and add to the water, stirring over low heat until the sugar dissolves. Continue to cook over very low heat, until the mixture thickens.
    3.Lower the heat even further and cook for about one hour. Stir continuously. Ten minutes before the end of cooking, add the lemon juice, rose water and food colouring if using.
   4. Remove from the heat and stir in the pistachio nuts. Pour into the pan and allow to set in a cool place. Do not refrigerate. Cut into 3cm squares. Roll in the icing sugar before serving.


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